Installation and Timing of Gears in Feed Distribution Box for
Kearney & Trecker Model 4-5-6CSM Milling Machines

The following description of timing of the gears in the Feed Distribution Box refers to the drawings and parts lists in K&T Parts Manual SMR-24, Figures 10, 11, 13 and 14. The following is for a machine with a Plain Knee as shown in Figure 10. If the machine being worked on is an Automatic Cycle machine, as shown in Figure 11, the procedure is the same, as the parts affected are the same.

For example, substitute the SM-H109 Feed Change Helical Gear Shaft shown in Figure 10 with the SM-J144 Feed Change Helical Gear Shaft shown in Figure 13 when working on an Automatic Cycle machine.

  1. The face of the SM-L82 Primary Cam Drive Gear has a center-punched timing mark or circle adjacent to the space between two of the 21 teeth on this gear. This timing mark should be aligned with a similar timing mark next to a tooth of the mating SM-L45 Primary Shifter Cam and Gear when SM-L82 Gear is installed in hole "H" of the SM-L107 Feed Distribution Box casting.
  2. After the SM-L82 Gear is installed in the Feed Distribution Box, the SM-L79 Primary Cam Drive Gear Collar is installed, noting the mating tapered holes in the Collar and the Gear shaft, and the tapered pin is installed by tapping lightly in place. A small amount of Loctite insures that the tapered pin will remain seated.
  3. If the SM-L69 Feed Selection Gear (Driver), SM-L71 Feed Dial Idler Gear, or SM-L75 Feed Selection Gear (Driven) were removed while working on the Feed Distribution Box, match any timing marks when reinstalling these parts.
  4. Set the SM-L49 Speed Selection Lever by pulling out on the SM-L47 Speed Selection Knob while rotating the SM-L49 Lever until it is located at the lowest feed position, 3/8", on the bronze SM-L59 Feed Dial.
  5. Utilizing a large blade screwdriver inserted into the slot of the SM-L82 Primary Cam Drive Gear, rotate this slot until it is located horizontally at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions with the offset of the slot facing upward to the 12 o’clock position. Note that this slot is offset 1/32" from the centerline of the shaft of the SM-L82 Gear.
  6. Install the Feed Distribution Box assembly into the Knee, aligning the splined shafts as it is inserted. It is useful to temporarily install two large headless alignment pins inserted into the bottom outboard tapped holes in the Knee to help align the shafts and support the weight to prevent bending or damage to the SM-M107 Cross Feed Screw. These two alignment dowel pins can be made by grinding off the heads of two 5/8-11 UNC Allen head cap screws, 10" to 12" long. The SM-M107 Cross Feed Screw can be used as a jackscrew to pull the Feed Distribution Box into position against the Knee. Install the original 5/8" Allen cap screws to fasten the Feed Distribution Box casting to the Knee casting. Use Permatex or equivalent sealer on mating castings.
  7. Using a pencil beam flashlight, re-check the position of the slot in the SM-L82 Gear as shown in Step 5 and correct if necessary.
  8. Slide the SM-H108 Feed Change Helical Gear (Driven) on to the SM-H109 Feed Change Helical Gear Shaft, aligning the SM-H110 Hi-Pro #606 Key with mating keyway in the SM-H108 Gear.
  9. Insert the gear and shaft assembly from Step 8 through the rectangular hole "K" in the left side of the Knee casting, as shown in Figure 10. Due to the angle of the helical teeth on the SM-H108 Driven Gear and the mating teeth on the SM-H105 Driver Gear, one has to "advance" the teeth on the SM-H108 Driver Gear while inserting it with its SM-H109 Shaft so that the tang on the SM-H109 Shaft just becomes horizontal as it enters the mating slot in the SM-L82 Primary Cam Drive Gear. Note that the tang on the SM-H109 Feed Change Helical Gear Shaft is offset 1/32" from the center line of this shaft, as is the mating slot on the shaft of the SM-L82 Primary Cam Drive Gear, and this tang and slot should be mated observing this offset to maintain alignment of the two shafts. If the tang and mating slot are offset 180 degrees, one will not be able to install the SM-H109 Shaft into the Knee.
  10. Install the SM-H111 Breather Cover with the four SM-H114 Fillister Head Cap Screws after applying Permatex or equivalent sealer to the mating surfaces of the castings.
  11. Operate the machine, checking the feed rates at the various positions of the SM-L59 Feed Dial.


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