Timing of Feed Gears in Kearney & Trecker Models #2CK and #3CK Milling Machines

This procedure applies to #2CK and #3CK plain, universal, and vertical milling machines. Refer to Kearney & Trecker Parts Manual, Publication CKR-30. Refer to Figure 14, "Knee Miscellaneous Parts", and Figure 15, "Feed Distribution Box", for the parts referred to herein. The following is for a Model #2CK machine. When timing a #3CK machine, just substitute "3CK" for "2CK" in the paragraphs below. For example, substitute "3CK-L136" for "2CK-L136." It is important that timing be performed properly whenever it is suspected that the relationship of the timing gears or shafts has been disturbed, or a clash between feed gears and extensive damage may result.

  1. Set the Feed Distribution Box to the lowest feed rate with the 2CK-L136 Feed Dial Lever, as shown on the 2CK-L129 Feed Dial.
  2. Remove the 2CK-K63 Feed Change Gear Housing and orient the 2CK-K81 Feed Change Cross Shaft so that the key slots for the 2CK-K79 and 2CK-K80 Keys are facing straight up at a 12:00 o'clock position.
  3. The 2CK-K68 Secondary Change Intermittent Gear and the 2CK-K69 Intermittent Gear-Driver should both have the "0" stamped on the gears facing straight up at the 12:00 o'clock position.
  4. Remove the 2CK-K86 Feed Selector Housing. With the 2CK-K82 Secondary Shifter Cam Driving Gear and the 2CK-K91 Primary Shifter Cam Driver Gear installed on the 2CK-K81 Feed Change Cross Shaft, the "0" marks on the 2CK-K91 Primary Shifter Cam Driver Gear and the 2CK-K88 Primary Shifter Cam should align facing each other. A check is to see that the two small tangs on the right end of the 2CK-K81 Feed Change Cross Shaft face up and down at the 6:00 o'clock and 12:00 o'clock positions, respectively, and lined up with the mating 2CK-K91 Primary Shifter Cam Driving Gear when the "0" marks are in their proper positions.
  5. After alignment and re-assembly, rotate the 2CK-L136 Feed Dial Lever through one complete rotation of the 2CK-L129 Feed Dial and recheck the alignment of the "0" marks and the shifting gear teeth for full engagement of the teeth.


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