Kearney & Trecker Model #4-5-6CK Mill Replacement Parts

Parts most commonly requiring replacement are found on this list. The referenced drawing numbers and part numbers are found in K&T Replacement Parts Manual Publication 56 (former CKR-32), for which we can furnish a copy:

Figure 5 Horizontal Column and Motor Mount
  Part No. Part Name
  CK-A19 Cuno 100 Disc Unit Cartridge
  CK-A24 Overarm Pinion-Right Hand
  CK-A27 Overarm Pinion-Left Hand
  CK-A28 Overarm Handwheel
  CK-A37 Oil Gauge Glass
  CK-A42 Limit Switch
  CK-A52 Cross and Elevating Trip Dog-Right Hand
  CK-A54 Cross and Elevating Trip Dog-Left Hand

Vertical Limit Stop
Figure 6 Horizontal Column Speed Drive Train and Spindle Assembly
  CK-B4 Arbor Draw-in Bolt
  CK-B43 Primary High Speed Sliding Gear

Primary Low Speed Sliding Gear
Figure 7 Vertical Column and Motor Mount
  CK-C18 Head Clamp Bevel Gear
  CK-C21 Head Clamp Bevel Pinion
  CK-C23 Head Clamp Handle
  CK-C42 Elevating Trip Dog-Right Hand
  CK-C44 Elevating Trip Dog-Left Hand
  CK-C48 Cuno 100 Disc Unit Cartridge
  CK-C57 Oil Gauge Glass
  CK-C67 Limit Switch
  CK-C73 Vertical Limit Stop

Vertical Limit Stop
Figure 8 Vertical Column-Speed Drive Train
  CK-D9 Micro-switch
  CK-D31 Head Feed Nut
  CK-D66 Primary High Speed Sliding Gear
  CK-D67 Primary Low Speed Sliding Gear-Driven
  CK-D58 Vertical Drive Shaft Bearing Sleeve
  CK-D59 Vertical Drive Spiral Bevel Gear
  CK-D72 Drive Shaft Bearing Sleeve

Vertical Drive Spiral Bevel Gear-Driver
Figure 9 Speed Gear Box
  CK-E1 Secondary Speed Shifter Fork-Right Hand
  CK-E2 Secondary Speed Shifter Fork-Left Hand
  CK-E6 Micro-switch Rod
  CK-E31 Spindle Drive Bevel Gear
  CK-E60 Speed Selection Lever
  CK-E65 Valve Operating Arm
  CK-E71 Idler Cluster Gear-Front
  CK-E73 Idler Cluster Gear-Center
  CK-E74 Idler Cluster Gear-Rear
  CK-E90 Spindle Reverse Bevel Gear
  CK-E94 Spindle Reverse Clutch

Reverse Bevel Gear Shaft
Figure 10 Pulley Bracket
  CK-F3 Oil Pump Cover
  CK-F6 Oil Pump Gear Stud
  CK-F7 Oil Pump Gear-Driven
  CK-F9 Oil Pump Gear-Driver
  CK-F27 Synchro-mesh Worm
  CK-F32 Cam Type Motor
  CK-F43 Synchro-mesh Worm Wheel
  CK-F45 Spring
  CK-F48 Roller

Switch, Allen Bradley #Y-5789-D
Figure 11 Feed and Rapid Traverse Drive Bracket
  CK-G6 Micro-switch, Type R-RS
  CK-G7 Micro-switch, Type B-RS
  CK-G9 Micro-switch, Type G-RS
  CK-G19 Ohio Shaftless Shell Motor, 5 HP
  CK-G25a Motor Shaft-Horizontal
  CK-G25b Motor Shaft-Vertical
  CK-G29a Feed Worm-Horizontal
  CK-G29b Feed Worm-Vertical
  CK-G55 Feed Worm Wheel
  CK-G75 Vertical Feed Shaft Worm Wheel

Drive Shaft Worm
Figure 12 Plain Knee
  CK-H39 Starting Lever
  CK-H47 Hub and Back Plate
  CK-H49 Inner Clutch Disc Steel
  CK-H50 Rapid Traverse Clutch Driven Plate-Bronze
  CK-H59 Finger Lever
  CK-H70 Oil Pump Gear-Driver
  CK-H71 Oil Pump Gear Stud
  CK-H72 Oil Pump Gear-Driven
  CK-H73 Oil Pump Cover
  CK-H82 Elevating Bevel Pinion
  CK-H83 Elevating Bevel Gear
  CK-H84 Thrust Bearing-MRC 17B
  CK-H109 Feed Change Helical Gear Shaft
  CK-H118 Cross Trip Lever
  CK-H124 Cross Feed Trip Lever Arm Shaft
  CK-H125 Knee Clamp Shaft
  CK-H127 Knee Clamp Lever
  CK-G145 Vertical Feed Trip Lever Arm Shaft
  CK-G148 Vertical Trip Lever

Elevating Bevel Gear Bearing
Figure 13 Automatic Cycle Knee
  CK-J2 Oil Return Bracket and Tube Assembly
  CK-J29 Rapid Traverse Lever
  CK-J31 Rapid Traverse Valve Shifter-Front
  CK-J39 Rapid Traverse Valve Shifter-Rear
  CK-J45 Feed Drive Pinion
  CK-J74 Starting Lever
  CK-J88 Rapid Traverse Clutch Shaft Collar
  CK-J89 Clutch Piston
  CK-J90 Clutch Cylinder
  CK-J91 Rapid Traverse Clutch Driven Plate-Bronze
  CK-J92 Inner Clutch Disc Steel
  CK-J94 Hub and Back Plate
  CK-J103 Oil Pump Body
  CK-J104 Oil Pump Gear-Driver
  CK-J105 Oil Pump Gear Stud
  CK-J106 Oil Pump Gear-Driven
  CK-J107 Oil Pump Cover
  CK-J117 Elevating Bevel Pinion
  CK-J118 Elevating Bevel Gear
  CK-J119 Thrust Bearing-MRC 17B
  CK-J135 Oil Gauge Glass
  CK-J144 Feed Change Helical Gear Shaft
  CK-J153 Cross Trip Lever
  CK-J159 Cross Feed Trip Lever Arm Shaft
  CK-J160 Knee Clamp Shaft
  CK-J162 Knee Clamp Lever
  CK-J180 Vertical Feed Trip Lever Arm Shaft
  CK-J183 Vertical Trip Lever

Elevating Bevel Gear Bearing
Figure 14 Rear Controls
  CK-K1 Cross Feed Rear Control Lever
  CK-K12 Vertical Feed Rear Control Lever
  CK-K38 Rear Control Cross and Elevating Crank

Rapid Traverse Lever-Rear
Figure 15 Feed Distribution Box-Feed Selection and Directional Control Levers
  CK-L17 Cross and Elevating Reverse Lever
  CK-L49 Feed Selection Lever
  CK-L57 Feed Dial Support Bracket

Primary Cam Drive Gear
Figure 16 Feed Distribution Box-Gear Trains
  CK-M3 Hand Elevating Pinion
  CK-M8 Hand Elevating Shaft
  CK-M19 Cross and Elevating Hand Feed Clutch
  CK-M24 Hand Feed Clutch Stop
  CK-M26 Hand Elevating Crank
  CK-M29 Hand Elevating Crank Set Screw
  CK-M32 Primary Feed Sliding Gear-Front
  CK-M33 Primary Feed Sliding Gear-Fear
  CK-M54 Cross Feed and Elevating Reverse Gear
  CK-M61 Feed Back Gear Pinion Shaft
  CK-M63 Feed Back Gear Retaining Washer
  CK-M67 Secondary Shaft Double Gear-Rear
  CK-M68 Secondary Shaft Double Gear-Middle
  CK-M71 Secondary Gear Retaining Washer
  CK-M72 Secondary Shaft Double Gear-Front
  CK-M95 Elevating Slip Clutch Driver
  CK-M98 Elevating Clutch Gear-Rear
  CK-M103 Elevating Reverse Clutch
  CK-M104 Elevating Clutch Gear-Front
  CK-M107 Cross Feed Screw
  CK-M112 Cross Feed Reverse Clutch Gear-Rear
  CK-M115 Cross Feed Reverse Clutch
  CK-M119 Cross Feed Reverse Clutch Gear-Front
  CK-M126 Cross Feed Screw Bearing Adjusting Ring
  CK-M127 Cross Feed Screw Adjusting Nut Washer
  CK-M128 Cross Feed Screw Bearing Adjusting Nut
  CK-M136 Cross and Elevating Hand Feed Clutch
  CK-M141 Hand Feed Clutch Stop
  CK-M145 Cross Feed Handwheel
  CK-M152 Feed Roller Clutch Spring
  CK-M153 Feed Roller Clutch Cage
  CK-M154 Feed Roller Clutch Hub
  CK-M155 Feed Clutch Roller
  CK-M172 Feed Safety Clutch Shaft Pinion
  CK-M176 Brake Piston
  CK-M177 Brake Cylinder
  CK-M182 Feed Roller Clutch Cage
  CK-M183 Feed Roller Clutch Hub

Figure 17 Plain Saddle
  CK-N6 Table Screw Clutch Gear
  CK-N8 Table Feed Reverse Clutch
  CK-N10 Feed Reverse Gear Sleeve
  CK-N11 Table Screw Clutch Gear
  CK-N12 Reverse Shifter Yoke
  CK-N23 Knee Top Wiper
  CK-N26 Table Drive Bevel Gear
  CK-N34 Table Trip Lever Block
  CK-N37 Table Trip Lever
  CK-N45 Table Screw Nut
  CK-N47 Adjustable Table Screw Nut
  CK-N51 Bijur Lubrication Pump K1B
  CK-N54 Saddle Clamp Lever
  CK-N55 Saddle Clamp Eccentric
  CK-N65 Trip Dog-Right Hand
  CK-N66 Trip Dog-Left Hand
  CK-N68 Saddle Gib
  CK-N69 Saddle Gib
  CK-N97 Telescopic Tube Assembly-Coolant
  CK-N101 Telescopic Tube Assembly-Rear
  CK-N105 Cross Feed Bracket Bearing
  CK-N106 Table Feed Slide Bevel Gear
  CK-N107 Table Feed Slide Bevel Gear Bushing
  CK-N108 Table Feed Drive Bevel Gear
  CK-N109 Cross Feed Bracket Bearing Sleeve
  CK-N110 Cross Feed Nut
  CK-N112 Telescopic Tube Assembly-Front

Cross Feed Bracket
Figure 18 Swivel Block and Universal Saddle
  CK-P6 Table Screw Clutch Gear
  CK-P8 Table Feed Reverse Clutch
  CK-P10 Feed Reverse Gear Sleeve
  CK-P11 Table Screw Clutch Gear
  CK-P13 Reverse Shifter Yoke
  CK-P40 Table Screw Nut
  CK-P42 Adjustable Table Screw Nut
  CK-P46 Bijur Lubrication Pump K1B
  CK-P56 Clamp Lever
  CK-P71 Knee Top Wiper
  CK-P91 Saddle Clamp Handle
  CK-P92 Saddle Clamp Eccentric
  CK-P96 Trip Dog-Left Hand
  CK-P97 Trip Dog-Right Hand
  CK-P99 Saddle Gib

Saddle Gib
Figure 19 Automatic Cycle Saddle and Hydraulic Valve Body
  CK-Q6 Table Screw Clutch Gear
  CK-Q8 Feed Reverse Gear Sleeve
  CK-Q9 Table Feed Reverse Clutch
  CK-Q10 Table Screw Clutch Gear
  CK-Q19 Knee Top Bearing Wiper
  CK-Q27 Clutch Shifter Yoke
  CK-Q32 Saddle Clamp
  CK-Q33 Saddle Clamp Eccentric
  CK-Q35 Saddle Clamp Lever
  CK-Q40 Adjustable Table Screw Nut
  CK-Q42 Table Screw Nut
  CK-Q45 Bijur Lubrication Pump K1B
  CK-Q59 Clamp Lever
  CK-Q62 Trip Dog-Left Hand
  CK-Q63 Trip Dog-Right Hand
  CK-Q65 Saddle Gib
  CK-Q66 Saddle Gib
  CK-Q79 Feed and Rapid Traverse Shift Sleeve and Pinion
  CK-Q87 Feed and Rapid Traverse Lever
  CK-Q102 Reverse Plunger
  CK-Q103 Reverse Plunger Sleeve
  CK-Q116 Shifter Bevel Gear Segment
  CK-Q119 Feed Trip Bevel Segment
  CK-Q121 Hand Trip Bevel Gear Segment
  CK-Q186 Coolant Return Tube Elbow

Telescopic Tube Assembly
Figure 20 Tables
  CK-R1 Table Bracket Cover
  CK-R6 Bearing Adjusting Nut Collar
  CK-R7 Bearing Adjusting Nut
  CK-R8 Oil Retaining Cover
  CK-R9 Bearing Clutch Collar
  CK-R18 Table Bracket-Right Hand
  CK-R25 Handwheel Clutch Washer
  CK-R26 Handwheel Clutch Knob
  CK-R27 Handwheel Clutch
  CK-R28 Clutch in Handwheel
  CK-R30 Table Screw Handwheel
  CK-R33 Handwheel Bushing
  CK-R43 Table Reverse Lever
  CK-R48 Table Bracket Cover-Left Hand
  CK-R53 Clutch Release Gear Segment
  CK-R58 Clutch Release Yoke
  CK-R61 Clutch Release Rod
  CK-R62 Clutch Release Plate
  CK-R63 Snap Ring
  CK-R71 Table Bracket-Left Hand
  CK-R79 Table Screw
  CK-R81 Table Gib
  CK-R83 Table Trip Dog-Left Hand
  CK-R90 Table Trip Dog-Right Hand
  CK-R98 Reverse Dog-Left Hand
  CK-R99 Stop Dog-Left Hand
  CK-R100 Rate Change Dog "B"
  CK-R101 Rate Change Dog "A"
  CK-R105 Stop Dog-Right Hand
  CK-R107 Reverse Dog-Right Hand

Table Bracket Cover-Left Hand-6CK
Figure 21 Vertical Head
  CK-S5 Spindle Countershaft
  CK-S10 Spindle Drive Pinion
  CK-S22 Oil Pump Body
  CK-S23 Oil Pump Gear-Driven
  CK-S24 Oil Pump Gear-Driver
  CK-S25 Oil Pump Stud
  CK-S26 Oil Pump Gear Stud-Driver
  CK-S27 Oil Pump Body Cover
  CK-S33 Trip Dog-Upper
  CK-S34 Trip Dog-Upper
  CK-S44 Head Feed Screw
  CK-S57 Small Spindle Gear
  CK-S96 Oil Gauge Glass

Arbor Draw-in Bolt
Figure 22 Head Power Feed Bracket
  CK-T6 Handwheel Release Yoke
  CK-T14 Hand Feed Take-off Gear
  CK-T34 Head Feed Drive Miter Gear Bearing
  CK-T35 Head Feed Drive Miter Gear
  CK-T40 Handwheel Shaft and Bevel Pinion
  CK-T43 Head Feed Reverse Drive Gear
  CK-T63 Head Feed Reverse Clutch Gear
  CK-T64 Head Feed Reverse Clutch
  CK-T78 Head Adjustable Handwheel
  CK-T83 Clutch in Handwheel
  CK-T84 Handwheel Clutch
  CK-T85 Handwheel Clutch Knob
  CK-T86 Clutch Washer
  CK-T95 Head Feed Start Lever

Starting Lever Eccentric and Pinion
Figure 23 Style B Arbor Support, Arm Brace and Coolant Supply System
  CK-U2 Bushing Nut
  CK-U3 Arbor Support Style B
  CK-U12 Arbor Support Bushing
  CK-U20 Oil Gauge Glass
  CK-U23 Arm Brace
  CK-U32 Coolant Distributor Support Assembly

Special Gusher Pump
Figure 24 Intermediate Arbor Support and Style A Arbor Support
  CK-V3 Oil Gauge Glass
  CK-V7 Arbor Support Bushing
  CK-V17 Arbor Support-Intermediate
  CK-V22 Oil Gauge Glass
  CK-V26 Arbor Bushing Nut

Arbor Support-Style A
Figure 25 Model K Universal Spiral Dividing Head
  CK-W7 Index Crank
  CK-W21 Index Plates

Ball Crank
Figure 26 Conventional Lead Attachment, Tail Stock and Steady Rest
  CK-X13 Change Gear
  CK-X36 Elevation Rack Pinion

Ball Crank
Figure 27 Low Lead Attachment
  CK-Y49 Worm
  CK-Y52 Worm and Worm Wheel Support Bearing
  CK-Y57 Worm Wheel
  CK-Y73 Change Gear
  CK-Y134 Direction Lever Handle

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